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What Our Customers have To say

“Shonda Rogers is just “The Best!!!” she always communicates in an easy to understand way and explains to me the functionality of my site in terms that I can understand. She is always there when I ask questions or ask for changes and revisions. My company has changed a lot over the last few years and she is always willing to update my look and content with great ideas and strategies that can really help my business. She always finds a way to implement my crazy ideas and make me look very professional. I trust her with my image and my business – she makes it all so easy!!!!”
Debbie Lewis
Radio Show Host in the Financial Industry
“Shonda and “SEO is Local” has been a total pleasure to work with. When we needed help on our website on a weekend, Shonda and her staff were there and willing to help us out! SEO is Local is always willing to explain the social media trends in a clear fashion without all the marketing jargon. She also shows how to maximize our social media marketing dollars within our business model. Shonda is a pleasure to work with and love her response time and ability to understand our business.”
Ricky Hux
BV Trash Valet & Recycling
“Working with Shonda and SEO is Local has increased our market visibility dramatically. From the first meeting, until today, Shonda and her team have always provided excellent service. She is always prompt in her response time and gives me true feedback on what our schools actually need in order to promote growth. Her work ethic and personal involvement make me feel confident that our web marketing is in the absolute best hands.”
Nazneen Askari
Southwood Learning Center and Kiddie Castle Children’s Center
“I have had the pleasure of working with Shonda Rogers at SEO is local for over a year now. In less than 12 months she has done more for the exposure of Customer Impact on the internet than we accomplished in five years. In Google searches we went from page 10 to page 1 or 2 in months. She also explains the issues, opportunities and solutions in easy to understand terms and language that we “non-geeks” can comprehend.”
Mike Green
Customer Impact, LLC
“Shonda understands my business model as well as I do. She has taken the time over the years to learn everything about my hotel. What makes it different from other hotels, the niche it enjoys, and the advantages it offers to my customers. Taking this information she has employed a plethora or internet tools and services to see that my message is delivered properly and economically to the target market. Her service is truly a one stop service for all of my marketing needs.”
Bruce Larson
“Shonda is a great asset to my company. Her expertise in social media, internet marketing, & search engine ranking has directly increased my new customer growth and current customer satisfaction.”
Dr. Ryan M. Lee
South 40 Equine
“We have worked with Shonda for Five years now and found her to be invaluable. She suggested just what we needed to market our property and how to accomplish it she is very hands on and responsive to our needs. Anybody that’s works with her will get to know this about her right away.”
Al Patel
General Manager, Pacific Euro Hotel
“I’ve worked with Shonda and SEO is Local for almost two years. I appreciate Shonda’s creative thinking and her really great service and work ethic. She does great work, always meets a deadline, and the work is top notch. I’m so delighted I found her as I appreciate her contribution to helping me grow my company and my brand.”
Wendy Capland
CEO Vision Quest Consulting, LLC
“Our company, Pacific Plaza Hotels, Inc., has the good fortune to have Shonda Rogers of SEO is Local managing and analyzing results of the Google Pay Per Click campaigns for our hotels. Since she became involved in this process several years ago she has been able to increase our click through rates and conversion rates while reducing the overall spend. Of course we are thrilled with this increase in sales with a lower PPC spend rate and we enthusiastically recommend Shonda her company SEO is Local.”
Carl Doughty
“We have worked with Shonda for the past several months and have always found her to be prompt and helpful with any questions or concerns we may have. She has worked with us to find ways to promote and further develop our school. I would recommend her services to any new and existing businesses that want to be able to reach out to a wider population.”
Nazneen Askari
Manager, Southwood Learning Center
“Our company has utilized the search optimization expertise of Shonda and her firm for over two years, and in that time we have experienced dramatic and significant improvement in search results and positioning of our company. Not only does Shonda have the experience and creativity to assist in search, but she also understands the interaction between search, web design and social media to maximize search results. Finally, Shonda is a pleasure to partner with, generating new ideas, bringing solutions and most importantly, someone we can trust to follow through and do the right thing in our business relationship.”
Scott Hiller
Owner, CEO, Customer Impact
“We have worked with Shonda and SEO is Local for many years. Always professional and quick to respond to questions. We have noticed a great increase in marketing performance for our company. I would highly recommend for hospitality online marketing.”
Donna Weiss
Owner, Weiss’ Paradise Suites & Vacation Rentals
“I have worked with several SEO companies in the past years, since Shonda took over we have more web traffic, improved customer communication, and sales are up 30%. Thanks Shonda for all your hard work!”
Matt Ratliff
Owner, Sunshine Fun Pools
“My very busy schedule as a realtor, wife and mother does not always allow me the computer time necessary for internet marketing in this very competitive real estate market. I have complete confidence in Shonda and as a result she has lightened my load and allowed me to stay current and relevant in the ever changing cyber world.”
Sarah Miller
Broker, RE/MAX Bryan-College Station
“We have actually generated about 10 jobs from the website. It has paid for itself and then generated a profit. So that’s cool. Thank you for what you have helped us accomplish.”
Wendy Galan
Galan Renovations & Home Repair
“I didn’t have time or the knowledge with the way social media and SEO is always changing and this is why I use SEO is local. SHONDA is always fast to respond to any questions, they do what they say they are going to do and more. Before I used SEO is local i paid more with another SEO company and I would not here from them for months. Since I have switched it has been one year total time and a increase of 17% gross revenue and record breaking reservations. I have been very pleased with SEO is local and if you want real SEO where they work monthly with you this is the best.”
Jared Harris
Owner, Inn at the Canyons

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