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What exactly do we offer? Our services include:

Local Internet Marketing

Social Internet Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Marketing Reporting

Website Design & Maintenance

and much more! related tasks


In its simplest terms, local SEO is a way for businesses to reach more local customers and build their online brand. Today, more and more people are searching for businesses, products, and services online before they buy them. When they search, they may browse through the first few listings returned by the search engines, or they may only click on the top result.
Because of this, it’s the goal of businesses to be in one of those top spots, so they get the business, and not the competition. Local SEO helps business owners achieve this goal. Using a combination of keywords, reviews, online directories, and other local SEO tools, business owners can reach the top spot in Google and the other search engines, and reach the most customers possible.

Internet Marketing Reporting

Once all the pieces to the puzzle are in place, it does not make sense to walk away.

You must continue to monitor, “change with the tides”, update as necessary, and review the state of affairs. It will typically take 2-6 weeks to get all the bases covered with the strategies laid out in the different marketing packages available.

 Although they will each benefit you as a stand alone service, together, with close monitoring and reporting, you will see your best return.

Keep in mind, none of our services are long-term or contract binding… you pay as you go… but we are confident you will be pleased with the results and want to see more!

Our Standards

 Here at SEO is Local, we bring years of experience in both national-level organic and paid advertising to each of our valued customers. We’ve seen first-hand the results of the Internet search, social and mobile marketing movement and our team is passionate about helping small businesses like yours reach their goals. From helping you achieve First Page rankings among local businesses to catering our services to your unique business goals, you’re never just another customer here at SEO is Local. Your business matters and we’re here to show you just how much.

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