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Everchanging World of Internet Marketers

Everchanging World of Internet Marketers

OK – so it seems that lately every morning I feel a certain “pull” to my computer to see what the latest change is that will undoubtedly set my new course of action for the day.  No matter what I had in mind on accomplishing, more and

more it seems that it is what everyone else says has happened that determines where I begin my day.   Today it was the   email from Phil at that Google Places Quality Guidelines now officially states that clients who actually do work out of their home OR only visit clients at THEIR locations CANNOT choose the option to display their address. He makes references to a post by Miriam Ellis that is very helpful: I consider both her and Phil experts so whereas last week this topic was only bubbling, today I considered it boiling and decided it was definitely time to act and go make some changes.



shonda rogers