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Google’s 3-Pack: 3 Hot Tips for Getting a Company Listed

Google's 3-Pack: 3 Hot Tips for Getting a Company Listed

Google's 3-Pack: 3 Hot Tips for Getting a Company ListedLocal Search Engine Rankings

Now that Google has changed from a 7-pack to a 3-pack, local SEO has gone through some changes as well. Claiming one of the features’ spots when there were seven was a struggle, and the objective is even more difficult to reach now that there are only three. This is a challenging goal, but it is possible to achieve if you know how to do it.

Lining up active searches with your company being listed at the top of the results can seem nearly impossible. Certain skills, knowledge and time are required to accomplish this goal. When it comes to fine targeting, nothing beats local search engine rankings to introduce products and services to the local consumer base.

These three tips can start you on your way to highly targeted local traffic:

1 – Increase the number of citations you have online.

Google weights online citations very highly when it comes to local search engine rankings. Citations include any mentions of your company with any accompanying information. The top search engines use these to gauge how important, well-known and well-liked your company is. Citations without links to a business website are significant as well. Keep in mind, however, that backlinks are not considered to be citations.

The extra information that may be included with these citations can be a web address, phone numbers and the physical local address of the company. No matter where it is posted online, all this information must correspond exactly to the information listed in the Google My Business profile.

These citations stand as proof that your company is genuine. Search engines then know they can trust the information provided and will rank your website higher in local listings.

2 – Include eye-catching photos and graphics.

Internet users always love an eye-catching photo. Post high-quality graphics and photos in your Google My Business listing to attract the attention of more local consumers. This relatively simple inclusion satisfies not only Google but also other search engines. According to a study released by Review Trackers, people spend over twice as long on photo-filled listings than text-only listings.

3 – Get as many reviews as possible.

So many consumers decide who to do business with based on the quality of the reviews others give. This makes reviews vital to getting noticed on the internet. Google understands that people only take the time to write glowing reviews when they truly liked what the business had to offer. They promote and give better rankings to companies with several positive reviews. This means that you should encourage customers to write their opinions of your company, products and customer service whenever possible.

Winning one of those coveted Google 3-pack spots may be more of a challenge than obtaining one on their older 7-pack spots, but it is still possible if you take the right action. Keep up with the changes in the local search listing recommendations and update your company information wherever you find it online. Don’t forget to pick proper categories and use the most powerful keywords in listings to complement your local marketing strategy.


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