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When a small business owner decides to start a blog, they are usually overly excited to do so. Their minds start racing at the possibility of enticing new potential customers. Unfortunately, this excitement often fades before the first blog post is even written. This tends to happen when the new blogger starts feeling lost as to what to do next. This can easily be avoided by simply writing out a plan.

Set a Goal

why-you-need-a-blogDecide how much time you can devote to blogging. Are there certain days or times that tend to be slower for you than others? Regardless of how much or how little time you can spare, it is important to designate that time to blogging. Otherwise, it will be way too easy to fill that time with other tasks, pushing the blog to the back burner.

Write Down Blog Post Ideas

At the start of each week, write down some blog post ideas to help get you going. Often times, you will think of a blog post idea when you are not actually blogging. These ideas may come from a conversation you have or a story on the news. No matter where you are when the idea comes to you, make a point to write it down. Having these ideas will give you the motivation to sit down and write the blog post, because the hardest part will be over.

Blogging, as with any other aspect of business, is always more successful with a plan. Instead of going into this new venture blindly, take the time needed to get organized. Then, simply write!