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The Power of the Press Release

The Power of the Press ReleaseMake the News Come to You

When your company reaches a prestigious milestone, raises a substantial amount of money for a local charity, or is recognized by experts in your industry, the good news isn’t something you want to keep to yourself. With a press release, you can alert media outlets (popular blogs, local newspapers, and news agencies) of your story in a way that’s both clean and professional. Luckily, you don’t have to be a journalist or even a public relations guru to draft an effective press release. You just have to keep a few things in mind.

Press Release

Your task is not to write your life story or even the story of your business, but to simply state your news. Typically, press releases should employ the use of short paragraphs and sentences that answer any journalist’s most basic questions: who, what, where, when, and why? When a reporter needs to know more, they’ll contact you. Finally, your press release should have an attention-grabbing headline — one that will ensure your press release is read, and hopefully, pursued.

Not only should you want to get the attention of a newsroom, but above all, your story must appeal the news agency’s audience. What does their audience care about, and how can your story benefit them? Answering these questions will also help you narrow down which agencies will receive your press release.

Newsrooms receive dozens of press releases a day, and each wants the same thing: to be featured prominently. With so many press releases vying for the attention of a few, not all press releases see print. The success of a press release is in the follow-up. In the weeks following your announcement, follow-up with the news agency to boost newsroom awareness of your company.

A well-written and broadcasted feature, profile, or human interest piece can bring valuable PR to your business. Not only can a press release raise awareness of your company, but it can boost the value of your products and services — something every business should strive for.