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Your Best Customer Reviews and Testimonials – How to show them off

Your Best Customer Reviews and Testimonials – How to show them off

Your Best Customer Reviews and Testimonials – How to show them offWe all know that complimentary reviews are important to marketing your products and/or services. Real customer reviews are often viewed as more trustworthy than what you have to say about your business. This added credibility can lead to an increase in conversions and revenue.

If you offer local services, you can build trust with prospective clients by means of positive reviews. Whether you’re an attorney or a handyman, people want to see evidence that you do an excellent job. Reviews will bring increased profitability that you can’t ignore.

If you already have positive reviews and want to make the most of them, here are some tips to get more exposure:

Your website

Prospective customers viewing your website are clearly already interested in what you have to offer. Adding customer reviews to your website can give them the added assurance that you have a lot to offer. A testimonials page is the perfect place for positive customer comments, but adding some to your home page and others may also work out well.

Social media

Placing reviews on social media can provide far-reaching exposure. With a majority of Americans using social media and the majority of them checking in daily, these sites give you a chance to display your ratings to a huge number of people.

For example, if you go to the “about” section on your Facebook account and go to edit your address you’ll see an option to show off check-ins and star ratings. That’s a straightforward way to show people that your customer service is outstanding.

E-books and Reports

Giving e-books and reports in exchange for your prospect’s email address is an excellent way to build up your email contact list.  If you add in testimonials and reviews, you can have a greater impact. You’re giving information at no cost, which consumers appreciate. By throwing in reviews, you’re confirming the fact that your business has what they want.

Printed Marketing Materials

All printed materials have limited space, but a few words from a happy customer can make a world of difference. Reviews show that your business is reputable and puts wary consumers at ease.

Your place of business

Even after a customer has purchased a product or service, they like to feel that they made the right choice. Having reviews visible to prospects and existing customers provides assurance that they are working with the right company. They may be inspired to write their own positive reviews.

Positive customer reviews are important. Where you display them, however, is key. Place reviews and testimonials on your website, social media, e-books, printed material, and at your place of business. It will help consumers see your business in a positive light while increasing conversions and sales.  



Shonda Rogers

Shonda began her career in the hotel business. After working with 5-star properties in San Francisco and Houston, she eventually took her service industry knowledge into the online hotel marketing world. In 2009 SEO is Local was born, with the goal of helping small to medium sized businesses succeed in the ever-changing world of internet marketing.