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Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook PageIf your small business doesn’t already have a Facebook page set up then you are already behind the times. It is a well-known fact that Facebook is changing how businesses of every size are marketing themselves to their customers and establishing their brand’s image. Facebook is where your business’s customers are, so it is where you need to be!

Take a look at these facts if you still don’t think that your business needs to be promoting itself using social media, especially Facebook:

  • More than 90% of adult internet users in America have a Facebook page and regularly look at other Facebook pages.
  • The average Facebook user spends 1 out of every 8 minutes of their day on the social media website.
  • The average user of Facebook spends more than 11 hours each month browsing through different Facebook pages.
  • More online users spend more time on Facebook than they do on any other specific website, including Google.
  • Facebook is the number one used social media network in the entire world.

Creating a Facebook page for your business is fast and easy. Maintaining a small business Facebook page only takes a few minutes each day and is also easy. You don’t need to do much to get started creating your own Facebook page and the results can be dramatic! According to statistics released by Facebook in January of 2013, the social media giant receives 1.06 billion active users- per month! Each and every one of those active users could be directly engaging with your business right now.

You could be using Facebook to tell these users about your products and services, about your company, about what types of promotions or contests you are holding and other relevant information that will keep them coming back for more. Your current customers could be directly engaging with your company and telling you what they like about your company and what they would like to see changed. Your current customers could also be sharing your Facebook page with their friends, which will help you to capture and collect new customers. Your business’s Facebook page will even increase your business website’s visibility in the eyes of search engines, which will increase your results page rankings whenever someone performs a Google search.

The point is that Facebook is a great way to directly engage people and the platform offers plenty of potential customers for you to reach out to.



Shonda Rogers

Shonda began her career in the hotel business. After working with 5-star properties in San Francisco and Houston, she eventually took her service industry knowledge into the online hotel marketing world. In 2009 SEO is Local was born, with the goal of helping small to medium sized businesses succeed in the ever-changing world of internet marketing.